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Sunday, 29 October 2017


Say Hi Already is a soul-felt music by Cyclone Artemis where she poured out her heart for her estranged lover. Listen with attention and you will feel tears drop out of your speakers as she cries out lyrically. 
She featured Marvis who added more soul on the third verse making Say Hi Already be the most soulful song mixed by 2017 Spane5 so far.

Ensure to listen with caution as you may get too passionate with the wave and end up being addicted or attract negative frequencies to your wave path. When good music is made, all we do is fold our arms and watch you play on repeat.

The song was produced by Vicbeatz, mixed and mastered by your favorite Spane5 on the mix.



Monday, 23 October 2017


South-Eastern Nigeria medical doctor, Dr. Scrado, is out here with a love tune: for his girls.
Luh Me is a love song where he pours his heart out for a lady who he loves. Come to think of it, Dr Scrado, Dr Jay: it seems there is something about doctors and music, they're getting more wavy these days.

Do well to feel loved as you cop the track produced by Luminary Beats, mixed and mastered by your favorite Spane5 on the mix.


Sunday, 15 October 2017


Nigerian-Ghanaian act, Verse alongside Bid are back on the grind with Show Off.
Love can only be the case when two young felas hit the studio to talk about their sweet melanin pumkin, the kind on the artwork. 

Show off is an expository tune that talks about their lover. It's filled with soulful melodies and well thought out lyrical lines from the tag team; feel free to steal some for your girl.

Sidney made the instrumental, Spane5 mixed the project. This is not the first time these two will be working together and goodmusic is always the case.


Wednesday, 6 September 2017


Obama Daughter, new love music from Osinacci is an Afro pop sensation. This song takes us back to the 90's, South-East-Nigeria native style of art.
He expressly pledged his crush on Sasha, daughter of 44th US president, Barrack Obama. This is an easy sing-along song which you can personalize by replacing the lyrics with the name of your own crush.
While you could irresistible be nodding your head to the grove, some palm wine won't be a bad idea to go along. 

Crisp and clean from Spane5's mixing console, Enjoy!

Sunday, 13 August 2017


Elveektor has just been announced winner of Princenton Beatz's FreeBeatzFriday.

Here he creatively tells a story of life hustle and mistakes in a such a way that leaves you with no choice than to love the rapper more and more.

Talk about the next big thing from east Nigeria; talk about Elveektor.
With Spane5 on the mix, an 'Issa hit' is the only possible outcome.


Ref: akpraise.com


Claude is out with a new love sensation titled With You. This one seems so deep like it was directed to a particular lover.

It has got some drama happening on the background while the singer pours out his heart. This is one of those songs that do not just happen randomly. It's a song of appreciation, it's emotional. 

Hit the download link and hear what it sounds like when Spane5 is on the mix again. 


Thursday, 22 June 2017


Dream Land Entertainment is on it again with Testament giving out some military level music titled Barrack Nation.

Here he narrates the stern life in the military barracks and the state of the nation; throwing out salutes to the heads in the military keeping the body and soul of our dear earth together.

Listen and hear how Testament creatively makes it happen again with a Nameless produced beat and Spane5 on the mix all the way.

IG: Testamentdle

Monday, 5 June 2017


Afro Hip-hop artiste Shakez comes through with this banging trap anthem titled ‘SAUCE’.

Produced by Seven and engineered by Spane5, Sauce showcases Shakez in his element as the rapper combines brilliant lyricism and a catchy trap-influenced flow to deliver this highly infectious hip-hop offering.

Sauce is sure to be a fan favorite and is guaranteed to grow on you with every listen.

Follow on twitter and IG @shakezdavinci

Share this when you get the feeling. Enjoy!!!

Reference: tooxclusive.com


The world can be yours just when you choose to take it, listen to Elveektor and you'll know it's true.
The refreshing sound of Elveektor, which is a welcome change to the Nigerian indigenous rap scene, is hitting on the streets. Elveektor is poised to share his undiluted talent with Nigeria, Africa and the rest of the world.
Fresh off his last song, Anyi Nwelu Nsogbu, which gathered positive reactions all around Nigeria and beyond, the Enugu State bred star is not giving up yet.
He is out again with “Lambo Gallardo“, a very promising and tuneful sound full of such vim from his musical persona and the deftness of his impeccable lyrical wit.
Y’all need to stay on the searchlight for Elveektor as he is definitely the next kid to glow.
Download, listen, share and enjoy the greatness that is Elveektor.
Follow @elveektor on all social media platforms.
With Spane5 on the Mix, good music can always be achieved!
Ref: tooxclusive.com


Parti is an assembly of five music heads composing, producing, rapping, singing, and mixing Trap music. This is coming from Ace as he features Eddy Prodigy and Bravo. 

Parti is the perfect feel good music to accompany your drinking, club moments and relaxation.
With Spane5 on the mix, awesomeness is inevitable; not when we have Sydney on the beat. 

Hit the download button and ensure to share the feeling when you hear it.