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Thursday, 27 August 2015

Head Of Medusa ~ Osinacci

Head Of Medusa is yet another incredibly bold step, taken by the young, ambitious, and upcoming rap sensation, Osinacci otherwise known as Rap Monster. In this one, he decided to rock the boat a bit. To some listeners out there, this piece may come across as smug and pompous but a constant gaze or in this case, a calm hearing can do the trick of finding out where the singer is coming from.
Head of Medusa is a work with which the young upcoming rapper gave himself a pat on the back and meanwhile declaring to the world out there that he is not afraid to face life with its' baggage. That he is tough enough to face whatever life throws... And so can you... The keyword here is CONFIDENCE

African Banana ~ Osinacci

African Banana is an upbeat reggae love song performed by the incredibly talented young artist Osinacci. There's no better way to brag about the love of your life than this rhythmic sing/rap way the Osinacci style. It's Spane5 on the Mix!

Street movement ~ Osinacci

It takes a good rapper to proficiently command the streets. Osinacci is one of the east Nigerian young rappers rising fast, spitting lines in indigenous Igbo language. Street Movement is a jam you want to listen to over and over again. Not just that, Spane5 is on the Mix, expect to hear them all, anything can happen you know

Follow Me Go ~ Kingstone

Dance music is sweetest when you sing your lyrics just exactly how you feel it: Kingstone here does justice to a Spane5 produced instrumental. Enjoy!

To ba l’owo ~ Kulid and Babylon

Rap can get cranked whenever Kulied goes on the mic to address the streets. On this one he jumps on Drake’s 10 bands instrumental along with rapper Babylon holding it down at the chorus. Enjoy Street rap: east Nigeria. It's Spane5 on the mix and anything can happen!


Stay With Me ~ Sir Alonzi ft Albie Sax

Stay with me is a vocal and sax cover of the grammy winning song; Stay with me by Sam smith. Here Sir Alonzi sings for love in his own words while Albie Sax responds with his alto saxophone whenever he  calls. It's Spane5 on the mix, expect to hear them all, anything can happen! 


Wednesday, 26 August 2015


‘Shadows of the Unspoken’ is a radio drama created by a 2015 2nd year students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka. It has a story line to encourage all those who life has not been fair enough to along with the humorous characters to keep you laughing all the way long.

BUTTERFLY [Can’t Let You Go] ~ DR JAY

“BUTTERFLY [Can’t Let You Go]”, is a love-themed song, and is DR JAY’s official debut single, off his upcoming EP album, “COLOURS”. The track was produced by Dr Jay (DefBeatz), mixed and Mastered by Spane5.

With a combination of DR JAY’s unique voice, lyrics and style, this perfect wedding track promises to keep you swinging, humming and singing to the simple and catchy hook “BABY OWEY…I NO FIT LET YOU GO”!

DR JAY is popular as a talented music producer and has worked with top acts like Nolly, Chuqa NDU (previously known as Ruffmic), Propane, Dabz, to mention a few. He produced the hit song “GRASS 2 GRACE” by Chuqa NDU, and is one of Naija’s top music movement, CIA’s (Christ-I-Abide) official music producer.

Amazingly, DR JAY is also an award-winning scholar, practising veterinary doctor, and entrepreneur!

Chidi Jay Ubachukwu, a.k.a DR JAY, hails from Anambra State in the eastern part of Nigeria. He studied veterinary medicine in the University of Nigeria, Nsukka.

Twitter @iamdrjay; IG @iamdrjay01; Facebook: www.facebook.com/iamdrjay

Oversabi ~ Shakez

Rapper shAKez daVinci, popularly known as shAKez, first caught the attention of many after placing third in the Sarz Give Away competition. Following the release of his “Ise Yen” cover “Shun It”, shAKez now returns with his single “Oversabi“, off his debut mixtape ‘CollegeBoy Fame’ to be released in due time.

Produced by David Luger, mixed and mastered by Spane5, Oversabi is a smooth groovy hip-hop tune, and this time shAKez blesses the track with a catchy afrocentric melody and effortless verses. Enjoy!

Aka N'elu ~ Dabz

Known for his singles “Official Love” and “Let Go”, Dabz is out again, this time with “Aka N’elu”, which is a totally different sound from what you’ve heard from him in the past. Produced by Kinsu, and mixed and mastered by Spane5, this track promises to hit you so hard that you’d have no choice than to “Hands Up!” (which is the English translation of “Aka N’elu”).

Daberechi Ubachukwu, a.k.a “Dabz”, is a young talented singer and song writer who hails from Anambra State in the eastern part of Nigeria. He studied Electronics Engineering in University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He grew up exposed to all kinds of music genres from which he’s carved out his own style. He is a founding member of the music movement, CIA (Christ I Abide), alongside DIKKY, NOLLY, PROPANE and KINSU.

College Boy fame ~ Shakes [The album]

The 14-track mixtape gives us a glimpse into the talented rapper’s experiences through college as he attempts to juggle fame and academia.
Fusing various genres of music and topping it off with quality lyricism, “CollegeBoy Fame” is definitely a MUST hear for all good music lovers. CBF also has a touch of Spane5 on the Mix, When Spane5 is on the Mix, expect to hear them all, anything can happen! Enjoy.

Jaji Side ~ Testament [The album Mixtape]

"Jaji Side" by DreamLand Entertainment recording act  Testament is finally out now!
DLE hopes you are ready to have your mind blown, it's smokey hot! Jaji Side talk s about life hustles, love, friends and family, and Testament.
Download zip file here.
Download single tracks here
It's Spane5 on the Mix for Dream Land Entertainment!