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Saturday, 4 March 2017


Contacts: Spanevictor@yahoo.com
Whatsapp: +2348033299203
Phone: +2349050214786
BBM PIN: D625674D
Enjoy Quality Sound Engineering Services!

Recording, mixing, and mastering
Studio singing and rap performances, choral performances, radio drama, video voice overs, radio programs, spoken words poetry. Music and general sound mixing and mastering.

Location recording/Home services
Band performances, Orchestral ensemble, Church concerts, choral performances, sermons, bedroom/living room private recording.

Studio and Live music productions
Studio vocal coaching, attitude coaching, instrumental programming and recording, sound design and logo design.
Song Reviews
Detailed critique and analysis of your singles and albums based on lyrics, delivery, and mixing.

You can always mail your project data to the contacts above to enjoy the quality services or call the phone if you wish to send a hard copy .
Location services and home services are also available if need be. Spane5 is very mobile; within 24 hours you'll have the engineer himself and his recording kit at your door step.
You can fix all the issues with you going on and off pitch, singing with the right attitude, and getting that perfect delivery: the patient one is at your service. Obtain the right instrumental for your dream song and discover how limitless you are through Spane5.

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