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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Ray KatiNns – ODOGWU

Exactly one year after dropping his last song, FEAR, the Abia born comic icon and award winning rapper, Ray katiNns, who just finished his National Youth Service few months back, decided to appreciate his fans and well wishers with a seasoned Single titled “ODOGWU”, an ATILO-POP Genre of music which indeed will leave you dancing and pondering at the same time. 
Production credit goes to the ace personnel M.ROLA and mixing by your favorite Spane5. Just hit the download the below and share your thoughts afterwards. 

Connect with Ray KatiNns on Instagram & Twitter: @raykatinns


Saturday, 5 November 2016


Before I could share the amazing Ep from Asikey here, Mikael Patrick already took to his Facebook to share his experience. Below was what he had to say:

I spent all night listening to this EP and I must say Asikey George put her heart and soul into this project. This EP speaks to your soul immediately from first song to last. No moment gets you wondering what went wrong because nothing went wrong. From production which was done by his royal highness himself Michael Synx Chudy who produced major tracks on the EP. You will feel the production painting soft art into your heart, it only gets you wondering if his actually #Human. Then we have the one and only Nwasogwa Cciddy Victor who mixed and mastered this project, he makes sure you don't miss a single instrument that tingles in your ears. I say good music is here to stay. What else of not support the work of great minds. To the entire team on Pendulum Records for making it possible to get the #Human EP out. If you love good music then this is yours to digest. Get yours just like I did mine and for the record, my 60 bucks wasn't and isn't worth this EP. Get yours @ https://spinlet.com/album/300955

Human has got content. Asikey tries to create her on space in the industry with her unique message; it is unique and beautiful, something you'll definitely enjoy listening to.
It was produced by Synx, Sigag and Mikkyme. Mixed by your favorite Spane5; Expect nothing less. Enjoy!


Saturday, 15 October 2016


Rapper El fuego returns with a new infectious track titled “Baby Dance” to follow up with the success of his lead single Obim and Who u epp cover. He features Dr. Scrado on this one who does justice to the hook.
This song is just proper for the clubs to get everyone on the groove; if you're running moods, Dr Scrado is here for you.
 Baby dance was produced by Luminary Beatz and had your favourite Spane5 on the mix. Follow Fuego on IG @ichie_fuego as he keeps inspiring your music world with none other than dope songs. Enjoy!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Your loss is an RnB single by the new girl on block, Didee. This is her debut single as 2016 finally activates her music career. Here she sings about pain and heart break worth giving hope to the kinds of Adele, when they get to know they're not alone. 
It takes a lot to open up and sing truth; sing the kind of song that melts into one's gizzard, for those who can relate. 
Expect more songs from Didee in time, meanwhile, your loss is here to bless your ears This song was engineered by vocal producer and mixing engineer, Spane5. Expect nothing less, enjoy!

Saturday, 3 September 2016


People become great when they take up responsibilities and achieve set goals; it is undoubtedly true that the admirable beauty of the African Woman lies in her responsibilities in our society.
African woman by Spane5 is a song that recaps the true identity of the African woman. She is the woman who has a husband; the woman who is highly respected and adored; the woman who respects. She is a woman of peace, the top bond that holds the world together. In this song Spane5 calls her the builder of the nation; the maker and first teacher of our children. Whatever message this woman gives these children, the children grow up with them and it’s based on this wisdom our nations are built (Malcolm X). She raises the child the way he should grow, and when he grows he doesn’t depart from them.
When the woman forgets her roles as the mother, humanity suffers. It is the dignity and proficiency of this African woman that makes the man say, “I need to speak to my wife first”. The African woman knows her roles, she doesn’t compete. She doesn’t become the Queen and the king at the same time.
The music says it all, it talks responsibilities and love. She that has the desire to optimize her life will listen. Enjoy!

Malcolm X
Prince Rogers – Purple Rain
Future – Sh!t

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Negro Spirituals was a one hour concert by J Clef Chorale which was held on the Friday, the 24th of June, 2016. The concert had the choir do live performance of 14 songs, blessing the air around with sweet tunes that pleased the soul as directed and conducted by Jude Nwankwo.
Genre: Negro Classicals
The venue was the auditorium of the department of Music, University of Nigeria, Nsukka.
The choir sang mostly accapella,.
J Clef chorale is undoubtedly one among the best choral groups in Nigeria, organizing free concerts periodically. J Clef chorale is based in Nsukka, Enugu, Nigeria and is lead by the great musicologist and composer, Jude Nwankwo.
Download and listen to the songs that were featured in the Negro Spirituals concert bellow and be amazed.


1.   Ain’ a dat Good News – William Dawson DOWNLOAD
2.   I got shoes – Arr Marshall Bartholomew DOWNLOAD
3.    Deep River – DOWNLOAD
4.       Ride the Chariot – Arr William Henry Smith DOWNLOAD
5.       Swing Low, Sweet Chariot DOWNLOAD
6.       Soon ah will be Done – William Dawson DOWNLOAD
7.       All I do – Fela Sowande DOWNLOAD
8.       Grumblers – Thoro Harris DOWNLOAD
9.   Humble – Marshall Bartholomew DOWNLOAD
10.   Gonna Study War no more – Harm. Wendel Whalum DOWNLOAD
11.  Ride on King Jesus – Arr Sam Ojukwu DOWNLOAD
12.   Amen – Jester Hariston DOWNLOAD
13.   Every Time I Feel the Spirit Arr William Dawson DOWNLOAD
14.   Beware, Brother Beware – Laz Ekwueme DOWNLOAD

Contact JClef Choral for your events, calls or whatsapp: 08038096342
All sounds were recorded and mixed by Spane5 Mixline [08033299203]

If your device streams the links rather than downloading them, press down the link for some seconds till a menu box shows up, or press your device menu button over the link then click on the 'save linked file'. Enjoy!

Sunday, 24 July 2016

Dave ft Eddy ~ Chasing the Sky (Cover)

2016 is a dream come through for Dave who has got his debut track, Chasing the Sky out to the market. Here he features his close rapper friend, Eddy, who has also been dropping cool stuff in the game for a while now.
Chasing the Sky is an RnB song which talks about life hustles and the dream to hit the top. Endeavor not to melt alot as you listen. Once again, it's Spane5 on the mix, enjoy!


Wednesday, 8 June 2016

Stoner Frank ft Rap Dibia ~ Reason on My Own

Stoner Frank is here for the first time on Spane5 mixline with a song tittled Reason on my own where he featured Rap Dibia, an eastern Nigeria indigenous rapper.
Reason on my own is like a come back song for Stoner Frank who has been away for a while from the commercial  music scene. It is a dance hall song which definitely will thrill all born and grow and every other lover of raggae & patua music.
Rad Dibia added more flavor with his Igbo rap turning the song to nothing less than a scored goal!
With shimmering bells and heavy string sections, reason on my  own was produced by Kezy Clef and mixed by your favorite Spane5. Enjoy!  

Monday, 23 May 2016


The Made of Black Company is here with a dope song tittled Story of You and I by Sly featuring the talented singer Mavo. The comic rapper and singer, Sly paves his way as he expresses his feelings with his lyrics and pinching lines. Mavo being that #Team _Black front man, did justice to the chorus with his sweet melodious voice.
Story of You and I is a cover of R. City's Locked Away and was mixed by your favorite Spane5.

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Monday, 16 May 2016


Adieu Frank is a tribute to a lost friend by the Black Moon Anticipation youngest star, Denblaze aka Hope Lyrics.
This tribute was made to mourn his lost childhood friend Agashi Franklin Uchenna who passed away on sunday night, the 6th of march, 2016.

Denblaze had decided to make this song to pay last respect and homage to Frank for his journey to the underworld; he therefore urges his fans, folks and colleagues to join him and mourn for his dear friend by downloading the track, Adieu Frank.
Don't forget to catch him up on twitter @Denixblaze and IG @Mrdenblaze.
Once more, it's Spane5 on the mix.


Saturday, 14 May 2016


This here is what music from the heart sounds like. Deoceezy is not a musician who settles for half measures and never rests till he hits it. He took the spot light after the release of his debut single, 'kisses and Love' which had massive airplay and won the hearts of music lovers.
Lost in Love is a simple reggae rnb love song and a follow up to his afro rnb song tittle Go Go.
Deoceezy delivers this song in a serene and soulful manner with quite simple catchy lyrics. This song talks about the strong desire of a lover who won't let go even after being cheated on, who will keep craving for his lost love.
Lost in Love was produced by Caeser N. and had your favorite Spane5 on the Mix.

Thursday, 21 April 2016


Hustle is inevitable for the likes of Eddy also known as Skipar. Analyzing the rap scene with respect to the things around him, he decides to let it loose to every brother in the hood that he is the new guy on block. 
New Boy is a cover of Sarkodie's 'New Guy'. The song also contains lines that talked about Nigeria's economy. Check out the new born Eddy and share your thoughts below. 
New Boy was mixed by your favorite Spane5 onthemix. Enjoy!


Sunday, 17 April 2016


The dream is on, money on our minds, our fantasies seem so real, but the reality of our immediate environments make them look so impossible.
After a deep thought on both the present and the future, Demmy and Agaz come up with a dancehall tune, a song that encourages the hustling spirit of Nigerian youths and also talk about that break through day which they all look forward to. 

Demola Adeleke and Benjamin Agazie; otherwise known as Demmy and Agaz are mass communication students of the University of Nigeria Nsukka and with the help of their journalism skills, they were able to view the current mediocre situation of the country from multiple perspectives which consequently contributed to the suitable lyrics that best analyzed the theme of the song.
One Day  was produced and mixed by your favorite Spane5, enjoy!


Friday, 15 April 2016


New act, Ace is here with his own take of the 'Who You Epp competition by Nigerian rapper Olamide.
Spane5 writes: "I was kinda reluctant to track his vocals when he said it was his first time on mic, but after I heard him spit, mehn, niggur sounded like he'as been rapping professionally for a while, i was really amazed so I had to give in my best too".
Grab and enjoy Ace on a 16 bar journey to fame. Don't forget it's Spane5 on the mix!

Thursday, 14 April 2016


So we also jumped into the WhoYouEpp competition put up by Nigerian rapper, Olamide.
Here we are with Elfuego's 16 bars, slaying. Enjoy the feel of good music. it's Spane5 on the mix again!

IG @ichie_fuego, @spane5onthemix
T  @elthefire


Tuesday, 12 April 2016


Jachi is here with a hot and banging new single he tittled 'Special'
Special, just as the name implies, is not just your everyday love song, it is indeed special and this will blow your mind. With efficient hypnotizing rap delivered in English and Igbo language, Jachi shows us how to do the woo thingy: hot!
The melodious backups came from singer Jake.
This song is dedicated to people who want to take their relationships to the next level.
Special was produced by Grand Mix and mixed by your favorite Spane5 on the Mix! Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 April 2016


After several failed downloads at 70% done, I finally downloaded Eclipse's city of dreams album. It was a free download from datafilehost.net
This album is hiphop-rap. It comprises of 9 tracks and plays for 30:52 minutes. The album folder also contains a folder for the lyrics to each song in separate pdf files. This album featured other six Nigerian musicians and most of the tracks were produced by Eclipse himself.
Clarity in vocal deliver, good use of metaphors at strategic points, creative and lively vocal delivery style, nice album arts.

Broken lyrics at points where vulgar words were censored, Inconsistent genre, mixed language, inconsistent message and style.
Just as the album name implied, this album was just giving out different messages and styles in different tracks, Eclipse's was just dreaming around, more like a random pick of dope songs to make up a packet; it's more like 'the best of eclipse' than 'an album by eclipse'
From the engineering point of critique, I'll say this album is on point and I'll rate it at 72%. This album was not clipping, sounded balanced enough, and has appreciable dynamics for its various genres.
The sung vocals were on key and most Eclipse's rap vocals were right on my face in 2D, no depth.

This track has this catchy vocal like that of a young Hausa virgin singing wasalamalekun, then the trap boom bap followed on top with some string vamp counting the tempo and time 4/4. The female vocalist which though sounded like a sampled voice at some point was not credited as this track was by eclipse and M.I alone. Eclipse took the first verse and was doing the usually thing every bloody rapper will do; boasting of his team and his art. There was a sung refrain by eclipse where he gave shout outs to his guys out in the street doing the game. M.I was on the 2nd verse and continued from where eclipse stopped, announcing that they're the government when it comes to rap.

Immediate I played this track, my daughter screamed, say she likey!
This track is hiphop with Alicia keys style of piano vamps, sustained strings, and distorted bass and buttressed by a warm brass.
Here eclipse flaunts his wears and life style, saying they are all Orijo meaning original I guess. He sounded like he was tryna advertise a brand of wears (orijo) with this song. He also boasted here too about his life style. You can easily fall for him especially for the style he delivers his rap with.

Don't you know ft Ruby Gyang
Don't you Know is a love song that got Eclipse doing rap on a dubstep instrumental spiced up with some conga drums. I could hear Eclipse say 'you're my priceless jewel, you're my Ruby', then Gyang complicated issues more affirming that she is so in love with him and should not be left to go: I paused for a moment to calculate if these two artistes had something for each other for real or if they were just making a song.
One thing I liked specially about this track was the British/Hausa accent Eclipse did at 1:10 seconds, got his R's rolling.
I also liked the space and depth the mixer created on their vocals with the reverb, it brought in more soul to the song and gave it a unique style.
Gyang on this one didn't fail to rep her high pitch trade mark as I could hear her do a back up on the chorus with the higher octave of her main melody.

Ogini Di ft Eva
This was pure modern day hiphop with a lot of turntable effects on the instrumental. The track was just calm and Eclipse did a lot of singing on it.
Eva somehow was sounding like or rather reminded me of Gwan Stefani when she sang; I got impressed a lot cos I'm a fan of Gwan.
The message of this song reminds of Mavado’s Cruise Pon Di Dick, it is the perfect song for a sex session. I could hear Eva complaining she has been stuck in traffic for three hours and can’t wait to have the stick in her. There was a mix of English and Igbo language which Eclipse made at some points. This added some flavour to the song as well as hindering some of the audience from decrypting his message. The mixer processed the rap vocals with some automatic pitch correction which I can guess to be autotune. The effect was sounding good, the rap vocals had notes on a scale and sounded like it was actually sung, plus the shaky nature that showed some mood in the delivery: a lot of mixing engineers have used this effect to spoil rap songs though.

Washerman is afrojazz with references to Lagbaja. Now what fascinated me again on this one was Eclipse's rap delivery. He had the lady vocals back him up as usual with afrojazz, then the talking drums, trumpets and piano-rhodes.
This track is about men with sweet tongues who go about deceiving young girls.
Eclipse had to import yoruba words in the song lyrics I guess to make it sound more Lagbaja.

Lights Camera Action
This song is a happy song. It started with an intro that sounded like a live rip of Eclipse’s introduction to a stage performance. The instrumental had a trumpet session and female backing vocals on a hiphop drum line. Eclipse talked about stage lights and red carpets and their beauty, he related this to life as a whole being under the spot light for the world and in front of everyone’s camera both lovers and haters.
It’s cool how rappers talk about haters; it’s like giving them the credits they deserve. Eclipse described them as distractions in this song. I appreciate the effects of the haters because as a distraction, they could be the driving force for your attractions and attention, they keep you on the right path in life, they enhance you, they power up your hustles same way micro organisms enhance digestion.

Afarawe ft Demmie V and Poe
This song started with a moonlight epiano and that kind of hiphop square bass peculiar to Chris Brown or Iggy Azaelia (fancy). The intro was brief and it headed to the hook by Demmie V.
The chorus vocals of Demmie V was heavily coloured with autotune and this gave it a very sweet style. It is common for wacky singers to hide under the umbrella of autotune retuning every single note, but this was different, it was used to create a style here. I could hear some shaky notes like they had extra vibrato anyway, and I can attribute this to excessive flattening or sharpening of an intended note by Demmie V. If I was the one mixing in this effect, I will do some manual pitch fixing before proceeding to paint the vocal with autotune; here it was just sounding like someone mopping a room without sweeping it first. Well, wareva, I liked the ‘style’.
The sweet effect also came in on Poe’s verse as he sing-rapped the ending under the influence of autotune.
As usual Eclipse nailed his verse. He did a longer outro talking via telephone/radio effect combining English and Igbo language, advising his audience and fellow musicians to always cut their coats to their shoulders.

One More Time
Dancehall was never a bad idea for this collection of Eclipse’s dreams. This track reminded me alot of ‘Love is Wicked’ by Brick & Lace as it had similar drum line and female backing vocals like Brick & Lace were secretly featured in it. Eclipse sang, “shorty give it to me one more time”: this is a song for the dance clubs and dance floor, you know those kinda things you say to the girl you’re rocking in front of you.

No worries ft Evaezi
‘No worries’ is a calm rnb hiphop rap that has the best combination of male and female acts. This track is capable of fixing your worries. Eclipse rapped in the verses while Evaezi sang on the chorus with extra backing vocals from Eclipse too.
This was produced by Eclipse. Here they were talking about their music hustles and expressing their hopes that someday life will get better and they'll shine. The best way I can define this track I think is to call it a solemn hiphop rap. From the start, Eclipse first gave thanks for good life appreciating the good things God's been doing. But then, the mood he created with this song was like: that Saturday evening just after the rain around 5pm when night was already coming before time, then there was accident, in the white bus no one died though but we've been trying our best to move all the injured victims to the nearby hospital, the ambulance is already on ground then the police has arrived and asked us to explain how it happened. You know that mood that comes with that kind of situation, deep emotions of pity consolations and fear when you see the girl beside you crying already in the scene. Evaezi intensified the mood more with that crying/angry voice, snarling some words. I've not seen the video yet but I can already see the veins on her neck popping out. Evaezi is the reason why I like this track a lot.
The backing vocals were just focused on creating the soul with uuuuuu's and ahhhhhh's. Seriously, this song was just sounding like there were serious casualties in the accident, but eclipse was simply talking about his life hustles and obstacles. This track reminded me a lot about Tupac's 'Changes'.
City of Dreams is a good work; it had good morals and is suitable for almost anyone. It had soul and emotions at some points and then free happiness at other sides. What stayed consistent throughout the song was only Eclipse’s rap delivery style and the collection (as I will call it rather than album) was very expository of who Eclipse is.
Eclipse was proficient in what he did and I’m well convinced my money won’t be a waste when I finally proceed to pay for the freedownload I made.

Twitter: @ItsEclipse    @spane5mixline
Instagram: @itseclipse_   @spane5onthemix
Facebook: Eclipse Nkasiobi    www.facebook.com/spane5

Don't fail to call my attention to that album I need to review today, use the contacts above.

Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Valdozzy is out again with another mind blowing hiphop-dancehall song which he calls Aphrodite.
With his unique style of vocal delivery he proves to his fans that they didn't get the best of him in his previous works. 
This song was obviously written to a lady who he cherishes so much as he uses a full song to say just 'hello' to this aphrodite of his.
The chorus is catchy and easy to sing along and is capable causing you to tap your feet unconsciously. Stay in touch as you are yet to get it all from this ace artiste.
Aphrodite was mixed by your favorite Spane5, Enjoy!


Saturday, 2 April 2016


Dream Land Entertainment is back again with the first song of the year! This they tittled Jeje.
Team DLE's recording act, Testament, teams up with label mate Kay, to create this good art targeted at strengthening the Nigerian hip-hop music further, as well as passing a deep message to her fans to stay strong and take life easy in all difficulties.
Jeje is bound to be a game changer in the hip-hop world. It's the first single off the label's joint album 'X&Y'
This song was produced by ace Nigerian music producer, Synx and mixed by your favorite Spane5. 
Enjoy and share good music!


Friday, 25 March 2016

THE BOX ~ eLVeektor & Dr Jay

Here we are again, no sleeping. weeks ago @MI_Abaga dropped the almighty IM3, so far the hottest mixtape of 2016. He implored to see rappers recreate and remix “The Box“ a track from the IM3 featuring Pryse with Vocals from CKay and Tay.

The next best rapper from Enugu state, eLVeektor teamed up with a sweet vocalist Dr Jay to give an indigenous feel to the Dr Jay re-produced track.
This is an early Easter gift to the fans.
Mixing was by your favourite Spane5,  Cop below and share your thoughts under!


Tuesday, 15 March 2016


New artiste on the block by name, Sir Alonzi takes us through his vox sermon on a dance hall instrumental comprising of prayers to God to keep him standing and cheers to his haters.
Sir Alonzi is also a guitarist who has done various song covers in the past, and here with evening service he shows his vocal proficiency in 242 seconds.
Evening service was recorded in mixline and mixed by your favorite Spane5
Push the share button so every faithful may attend this evening service. Enjoy!


Saturday, 27 February 2016


This here is a fresh new music from the fast rising act B-Mar, one which is highly recommended for you.
He starts the year with this brand new single which is the first song off the coming extended play, "Audio Elixir", which would be dropping much later this year.
Call me Bmar is a song with a wonderful and unique feel, a hook which you can sing along at first hearing, produced by Eclipse and mixed by your favorite Spane5. 
Bmar surely has a spot for himself in the industry. Taste and see that the boy is good; feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy!


Friday, 26 February 2016


Kokodiko is a super cool and classy love song! Argh! Can't keep quiet about this one at all!
Dr JAY has always nailed his songs with very skillful lyrics and rhythm! First with BUTTERFLY, then the incomparable SADE, now with Kokodiko! This Doctor cum Musician is definitely the NEXT BIG THING! And honestly speaking, the 'classy-ness' of his songs no get rival at all!
Kokodiko was written and produced by Dr Jay (DefBeatz), then mixed and mastered by your favorite Spane5.
Follow Dr JAY on IG and Twitter @iamDrJay01. Like his facebook page www.facebook.com/iamdrjay



Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Val-Claude is the new artiste on the block with a dance hall vibe which he calls 'e no do'  for our listening pleasure. Claude has had other songs before this one as a rapper, but dance hall made the transfiguration that brought out the kingship in him.
E No Do is a song that talks about life, money, women, the hustle in progress and ahead. It's a sure chilling jam that will seep through; you can't resist tapping your feet to it while you sip life out of your glass tumbler.
This song was produced by Zibit and mixed by your favorite Spane5.  Enjoy!
FF @spaneonthemix on IG.


Saturday, 13 February 2016


Black south eastern Negro Ice Breezy Wrinklex (IBW) is a Nigerian upcoming song writer, singer, rapper and song performer. Here he has released this thanksgiving song "Ihe Oma“ meaning 'something good' to share God's blessings with his people.
He recorded the track specifically to appreciate Gods blessings upon his family for their past years of life.
IBW works presently with a crew he set up and calls Black Moon Anticipation [BMA] comprising of some upcoming artistes which he believes are the next sensation to reform Nigerian music to a better one.
IBW has worked with some of his home producers like Raffzee, Fl, Segzy, Greatest, Shezeeh, Dblis, and also has had collaborations with his crew mates JayPlex, Tudoorz, Safazi and Denblaze his younger brother.
On this track, he inspires to be like his Ghanaian mentor Sarkodie with hopes to have a collaboration with him soon. IBW has no regret for his life in music and encourages his people to stick firmly on what they can do best. Thank you and remain greedy as you download this track, for you won't wait before expecting more from him.



Produced by Synx
Mixed and mastered by Spane5 

Friday, 12 February 2016


Steve P is a singer with so much 'soul' in his voice. He has had other rnb songs in the past with Nigerian producer Synx, this time he has worked with Spane5 and producer Ebis to make a kind of music that can be regarded as a hybrid of dance and soul.
Sexy Body while listening will initiate you to dance as well as summon your emotions on the go; that's double benefits. Here Steve P  admires and talks about the beauty of a young girl with a "sexy body" as he lays down his clean lyrics capable of making your girl fall instantly. 
Sexy Body was produced by Ebis and mixed by your favorite Spane5.


Thursday, 4 February 2016


Bruce Lee is the latest smash from singer and rapper Dhighsea. This time, he is not just releasing the audio of his death-rock single but the visuals as well to drive the message home, as shot by young Nigerian video producer Director K.
Bruce Lee has a combination of English language and other Nigerian languages in it and talks about life style and hustles of an ambitious Nigerian youth. 
The song was produced by Prose and mixed by your favorite Spane5 [IG: @spane5onthemix].

Saturday, 30 January 2016

Hapucha ~ eLVeektor

eLVeektor is an indigenous rapper who delivers rap in igbo language majorly. He was born Ogbu Valentine Tochi and obviously today is the leader of young generation of Igbo rappers. He first came to light after his remix of Vector`s King Kong and immediately got an invitation from Hennessy Nigeria to be among the rappers for the Hennessy Artistry Cypher 2015. He goes philosophical on his latest offering which is titled “Hapucha“.
Hapucha is eLVeektor`s first official single in 2016. The rap pugilist who hails from Enugu State consistently sets new standards for himself with every new song while breaking his own records. eLVeektor is one rapper you definitely must look out for in 2016 and beyond.
 Hpucha was produced by YF Beatz, mixing and mastering was done by your favorite Spane5. Enjoy!


Friday, 29 January 2016

WHY ~ MC Akonuche ft ScRaDo, El Fuego & Huzi

These four like a battalion goes hard on a dancehall instrumental to ask questions why the ladies will have to lie so much when in a relationship. Huzi could be heard in the second verse singing with so much passion of how this same girl have been able to play the four artistes. What we are not sure of is if this was a true life story or just a music drama.
Mc Akonuche obviously can never regret assembling the other three artistes on this song. As usual El Fuego held it down to blow minds off on the 1st verse with his metaphors and rhythms.
Scrado put it all together on the chorus and at the end of the day it was a perfect render for the four.
Why was mixed by your favorite Spane5, Enjoy!


Saturday, 23 January 2016


Deoceezy is a versatile and talented singer under Coalbelt entertainment. He has had mind blowing Rnb songs in the past which gained him much attention and inspiration to do more. Here he hits us with a hybrid of afro hip-hop & rnb making our feet tap to the rhythm unconsciously.
Go Go is a song that talks about the beauty of a girl and encourages the female folks to show it to the world that thingy they've got specially just as Deoceezy does on this track: neat soulful lead vocals and harmonies delivered with utmost details set to thrill you.
Go Go was produced by Synx and has your favorite Spane5 on the mix. Enjoy!


Thursday, 21 January 2016


When two good heads are put together on a single track, music can sound so awesome. Say Amen is hip-hop song coming from Spane5 and Testament of dream land entertainment.
It is a song that talks about life hustles and how the artistes are gradually unlocking their dreams and blessings from the Universe. The product of hard work is always obvious and this was made manifest on this one.
Testament proficiently delivered his clean rap lines on the verses while Spane5 sung the melodious chorus.
This song was produced and mixed by your favorite Spane5. Download and Share
Follow t: @spane5mixline @testamentdle IG: @spane5onthemix

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

ONE OF A KIND ~ Denblaze ft Ice Breezy Wrinklex

Denblaze is an artist with a lot of light from east Nigeria. He coined his stage name from his real name Dennis. Denblaze is a recording and performing artiste, songwriter, singer and rapper.  
On this one he featured IBW (Ice breezy wrinkle) a.k.a Rhapp obey his immediate elder brother after he did 'Missing You' and 'Jingle Bell' under a label called Black Moon Anticipation (BMA).
He uses One of a kind to portray his life experiences and how he finally came to glory sticking to his dreams. 
Download One of a kind and for ever remain One of a kind in all your endeavors.
When you like him alot, don't forget to catch him up on twitter @Denixblaze and Instagram @Mrdenblaze

Once again, it's your favorite Spane5 on the mix.

Friday, 8 January 2016

DO BETTER ~ Lord Tecki ft #Headies2015

Do Better is a dance hall inspirational song coming from singer and pianist lord Tecki.
We all want the best in life, but do we give our best for the things we want? Tecki on this one takes us through memory lane, helping us to search our hearts, how much we work for our desires.
Sample vocals from the Headies award ceremony 2015 were featured on the song to add some smiles on your face. 
Once more it's your favorite Spane5 doing better on the mix. Enjoy!

Thursday, 7 January 2016


Ewatomi is a fast growing saxophonist from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. He speaks feelings with the sax so tactically and  fluently than you can ever imagine.
This here is a saxophone cover of the popular song "Duro" by MMG Tekno. 
Every melody was neatly performed and with this, you can put the vocal version on pause while you enjoy some feelings of awesomeness.
Once again, it's Spane5 on the mix, expect to hear it all!

Monday, 4 January 2016


The past year was great and from our accurate calculations, this year will be much greater and that is why we're starting it with another perfect song from Iflo.
Iflo calls this one "My Year". Here he futures dreamland entertainment's rapper, Testament.
Lately Iflo has been working in mixline and he's been delivering. This song is a prayer and a confession of how exactly the new year will be. It's our year indeed and we are not taking less than the best, our platform is nothing lower than the top.
My Year is a hiphop-highlife song produced by Nameless with your favorite Spane5 on the mix. Enjoy!

Mixline is Spane5's recording studio

Saturday, 2 January 2016


Scrado is a medical student of Nnamdi Azikiwe University. On this track he shows his musical prowess by seamlessly switching from singing to rapping. 
Chop Money has a hybrid genre of dance hall and fuji, as a result of the saxophones and talking drums on the background awakening our ancestors for the party tonight where he assures the lady on the lyrics that he's having, and that she can chew as much as she can.
Scrado have got metaphors to keep you wondering where on earth these artistes get their ideas from. 
Good song, good instrumental by Mofizzay and your favorite Spane5 on the mix. Enjoy!