Let's Return Home

Saturday, 27 February 2016


This here is a fresh new music from the fast rising act B-Mar, one which is highly recommended for you.
He starts the year with this brand new single which is the first song off the coming extended play, "Audio Elixir", which would be dropping much later this year.
Call me Bmar is a song with a wonderful and unique feel, a hook which you can sing along at first hearing, produced by Eclipse and mixed by your favorite Spane5. 
Bmar surely has a spot for himself in the industry. Taste and see that the boy is good; feel free to share your thoughts. Enjoy!


Friday, 26 February 2016


Kokodiko is a super cool and classy love song! Argh! Can't keep quiet about this one at all!
Dr JAY has always nailed his songs with very skillful lyrics and rhythm! First with BUTTERFLY, then the incomparable SADE, now with Kokodiko! This Doctor cum Musician is definitely the NEXT BIG THING! And honestly speaking, the 'classy-ness' of his songs no get rival at all!
Kokodiko was written and produced by Dr Jay (DefBeatz), then mixed and mastered by your favorite Spane5.
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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Val-Claude is the new artiste on the block with a dance hall vibe which he calls 'e no do'  for our listening pleasure. Claude has had other songs before this one as a rapper, but dance hall made the transfiguration that brought out the kingship in him.
E No Do is a song that talks about life, money, women, the hustle in progress and ahead. It's a sure chilling jam that will seep through; you can't resist tapping your feet to it while you sip life out of your glass tumbler.
This song was produced by Zibit and mixed by your favorite Spane5.  Enjoy!
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Saturday, 13 February 2016


Black south eastern Negro Ice Breezy Wrinklex (IBW) is a Nigerian upcoming song writer, singer, rapper and song performer. Here he has released this thanksgiving song "Ihe Oma“ meaning 'something good' to share God's blessings with his people.
He recorded the track specifically to appreciate Gods blessings upon his family for their past years of life.
IBW works presently with a crew he set up and calls Black Moon Anticipation [BMA] comprising of some upcoming artistes which he believes are the next sensation to reform Nigerian music to a better one.
IBW has worked with some of his home producers like Raffzee, Fl, Segzy, Greatest, Shezeeh, Dblis, and also has had collaborations with his crew mates JayPlex, Tudoorz, Safazi and Denblaze his younger brother.
On this track, he inspires to be like his Ghanaian mentor Sarkodie with hopes to have a collaboration with him soon. IBW has no regret for his life in music and encourages his people to stick firmly on what they can do best. Thank you and remain greedy as you download this track, for you won't wait before expecting more from him.



Produced by Synx
Mixed and mastered by Spane5 

Friday, 12 February 2016


Steve P is a singer with so much 'soul' in his voice. He has had other rnb songs in the past with Nigerian producer Synx, this time he has worked with Spane5 and producer Ebis to make a kind of music that can be regarded as a hybrid of dance and soul.
Sexy Body while listening will initiate you to dance as well as summon your emotions on the go; that's double benefits. Here Steve P  admires and talks about the beauty of a young girl with a "sexy body" as he lays down his clean lyrics capable of making your girl fall instantly. 
Sexy Body was produced by Ebis and mixed by your favorite Spane5.


Thursday, 4 February 2016


Bruce Lee is the latest smash from singer and rapper Dhighsea. This time, he is not just releasing the audio of his death-rock single but the visuals as well to drive the message home, as shot by young Nigerian video producer Director K.
Bruce Lee has a combination of English language and other Nigerian languages in it and talks about life style and hustles of an ambitious Nigerian youth. 
The song was produced by Prose and mixed by your favorite Spane5 [IG: @spane5onthemix].