Let's Return Home

Wednesday, 7 September 2016


Your loss is an RnB single by the new girl on block, Didee. This is her debut single as 2016 finally activates her music career. Here she sings about pain and heart break worth giving hope to the kinds of Adele, when they get to know they're not alone. 
It takes a lot to open up and sing truth; sing the kind of song that melts into one's gizzard, for those who can relate. 
Expect more songs from Didee in time, meanwhile, your loss is here to bless your ears This song was engineered by vocal producer and mixing engineer, Spane5. Expect nothing less, enjoy!


  1. Dope
    Didee wish u a successful music carrier
    Can't wait to watch u on stage

  2. Go didee!! Nice piece, welldone. Hop to see more of u

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