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Saturday, 3 September 2016


People become great when they take up responsibilities and achieve set goals; it is undoubtedly true that the admirable beauty of the African Woman lies in her responsibilities in our society.
African woman by Spane5 is a song that recaps the true identity of the African woman. She is the woman who has a husband; the woman who is highly respected and adored; the woman who respects. She is a woman of peace, the top bond that holds the world together. In this song Spane5 calls her the builder of the nation; the maker and first teacher of our children. Whatever message this woman gives these children, the children grow up with them and it’s based on this wisdom our nations are built (Malcolm X). She raises the child the way he should grow, and when he grows he doesn’t depart from them.
When the woman forgets her roles as the mother, humanity suffers. It is the dignity and proficiency of this African woman that makes the man say, “I need to speak to my wife first”. The African woman knows her roles, she doesn’t compete. She doesn’t become the Queen and the king at the same time.
The music says it all, it talks responsibilities and love. She that has the desire to optimize her life will listen. Enjoy!

Malcolm X
Prince Rogers – Purple Rain
Future – Sh!t


  1. Super cool - love this!

  2. Wow!! This is really an inspiration to the African Woman! Welldone Spane5! #once in a while we should be reminded of our duties#


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