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Saturday, 5 November 2016


Before I could share the amazing Ep from Asikey here, Mikael Patrick already took to his Facebook to share his experience. Below was what he had to say:

I spent all night listening to this EP and I must say Asikey George put her heart and soul into this project. This EP speaks to your soul immediately from first song to last. No moment gets you wondering what went wrong because nothing went wrong. From production which was done by his royal highness himself Michael Synx Chudy who produced major tracks on the EP. You will feel the production painting soft art into your heart, it only gets you wondering if his actually #Human. Then we have the one and only Nwasogwa Cciddy Victor who mixed and mastered this project, he makes sure you don't miss a single instrument that tingles in your ears. I say good music is here to stay. What else of not support the work of great minds. To the entire team on Pendulum Records for making it possible to get the #Human EP out. If you love good music then this is yours to digest. Get yours just like I did mine and for the record, my 60 bucks wasn't and isn't worth this EP. Get yours @ https://spinlet.com/album/300955

Human has got content. Asikey tries to create her on space in the industry with her unique message; it is unique and beautiful, something you'll definitely enjoy listening to.
It was produced by Synx, Sigag and Mikkyme. Mixed by your favorite Spane5; Expect nothing less. Enjoy!


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