Let's Return Home

Friday, 10 March 2017


Music by the MusicNerd has programmed it hot pon instrumental for Olisaemeka this year. 

Judging from past experiences, its not much of a surprise to hear Olisa singing about Ojoro (pranks and disappointments) he has received from ladies, but one thing which surely surprises everyone is how he creatively slayed on an Afro EDM till its death. 

Though it  would have been more proper if he asked questions to know why cos girls never seem to like Olisaemeka despite all efforts to look and speak good for them; check and see how he went so emotional on the second verse. 

Olisaemeka seems to wish to give up on these ladies because he will never listen nor take tips from Spane5 who didn't only mix the song but added some charming flute-recorder lines to melodically pluck the heart of every lady listener like a rose.

When good music is unleashed, all we can think of is pushing a download button, enjoy!

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